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Round Foam Filter, Bissell #203-8161
    Round Foam Filter, Bissell #203-8161
  • Round Foam Filter, Bissell #203-8161

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    • Item #: 203-8161
      Condition: Brand New

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    Bissell Round Foam Dirt Cup Filter. Bissell recommends that you change the filter every 3-6 months.

    Guaranteed to fit Bissell Vacuum Cleaner models:
    Rewind CleanView Pet 18M9W
    CleanView Helix 95P1, 82H1H, 82H1M, 82H1R, 82H1T
    CleanView Helix 82H1
    CleanView Helix Deluxe 71V92
    PowerForce Helix Bagless 12B1, 12406, 1240U, 1240V, 1240W, 12B1C, 12B1D, 12B1E, 12B1R, 12B1U, 12B1V, 12B1W
    PowerForce Bagless 6584, 47M6H, 47M6Y, 65792, 6579R, 6583P, 65841, 65842, 65843, 6584R
    PowerForce Helix Turbo Bagless 68C71, 2140, 68C7, 68C7C, 68C7R, 68C7S, 68C7U, 68C7V, 68C7W, 68C7X, 68C7Y, 68C7Z
    PowerForce Turbo Bagless 6585, 65852, 65853, 65854, 65856, 65857, 6585R, 6596Q, 6596X
    PowerForce Turbo Bagless 65851
    PowerForce Helix Bagless Upright 1240, 12401, 1240R
    PowerForce Upright Bagless 6594, 6594F, 6594G, 6594J, 6594R, 6594W, 6596, 6596R
    PowerGroom Helix Rewind 98N4, 948N41, 98N41, 98N4R, 98N4S, 98N4W
    PowerGroom Bagless 68C77

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