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E-Clip, Riccar #A732-3000
    E-Clip, Riccar #A732-3000
  • E-Clip, Riccar #A732-3000

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    • Item #: A732-3000
      Condition: Brand New

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    E-Clip designed to fit select Riccar Power Nozzles.

    Guaranteed to fit Power Nozzle models:
    Brilliance Retriever BRLD.RETR, Brilliance 4 Premium BRLP.4

    Guaranteed to fit Riccar Power Nozzles:
    Brilliance 4 Deluxe, Brilliance 6 Deluxe, Brilliance 6 USA, Brilliance 4 Premium, Brilliance 6 Premium BRLP.6, Brilliance 4 Standard, Brilliance 6 Standard, Brilliance Retriever, Radiance 4, Radiance 6, Radiance 6+, Radiance 8 RAD.8, Radiance 10 RAD.10, RadianceP 2 RADP.2, RadianceP 4, Supralite RSL1AC, Supralite RSL3, Supralite RSL3C, Supralite RSL4, LHPB-CX1000, Volt, Supralite RSL1, Supralite RSL1A, Supralite RSL1AC, Supralite R10E, R10CV, R10CV-2, R10CV-4, R10CV-6, R10S, R10D, RSL5, RSL5-SAND, RSL5C, R40.LE, R40, R40.2, R40P.LE, R40P, R40P.2, R40P.4, BRILLIANCE 6 DELUXE BRLD.6, R30D, R30P, R30P.DS, R30PET, R30D.4, R30PET.4

    Guaranteed to fit Simplicity Power Nozzles:
    X9.8 Synergy, X9.7 Synergy, X9.6+ Synergy, X9.6 Synergy, X9.5+ Synergy, X9.4 Synergy, X9.10 Synergy, SCRS.6 Synchrony, SCRS.4 Synchrony, SCRS.3 Synchrony, SCRS.1 Synchrony, SCRP.6 Synchrony, SCRP.4 Synchrony, SCRP.3 Synchrony, SCRP.1 Synchrony, SCRD.FETCH, SCRD.6USA Synchrony, SCRD.6 Synchrony, SCRD.4 Synchrony, SCRD.3 Synchrony, SCRD.1 Synchrony, G9.4 Synergy, G9.2 Synergy, G9.1 Synergy, F3300C, F3500, F3500C, F3600, S30P, S30D, S30PET, SDCCM Healthy Homemaker

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