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3 Incredible Hardwood Floor Cleaning Tips Homeowners Should Know Of
Hardwood floors are admired by many for the attractive appearance, natural taste, and the classy look and feel they provide in both indoor and covered outdoor environments such as porches and corridors. Read More ...

Pick a vacuum
How to Pick the Ideal Vacuum Cleaner For Your Home
A dirty home is not only annoying but it also can affect the health of it's residents. Therefore, buying a vacuum cleaner is an important decision for any homeowner regardless of the type of flooring the home contains. Read More ...

allergen infested carpets
Effective Solutions for Allergen-infested Carpets
There is a common misconception that persons suffering from allergies and asthma should have nothing to do with carpets. It is commonly believed that carpets increase allergy/asthma symptoms, however, this cannot be far from the truth. Read More ...

kitchen cleaning sins
7 Deadly Kitchen Cleaning Sins
Not all bacteria and germs are bad; in fact exposure to germs can keep your immune system in good shape. What your body doesn’t need is exposure to pathogens. Different to regular germs, pathogens are bacteria and viruses that cause disease. We can all be found guilty Read More ...

winter holidays
How to Keep Your Carpets Clean During the Winter Holidays
The winter holiday season brings excitement and joy in the form of elaborate decorations, parties, big family dinners, and all the other wonderful traditions that we share with friends and family. Read More ...

clean your bathroom
How to Clean Your Bathroom Floor Efficiently in 4 Steps
A bathroom is one of the most sensitive facilities in a house that requires high hygiene standards. For most people though, it’s the least favorite place when it comes to cleaning. If not taken care of well, the bathroom floor makes the Read More ...

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