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15-Watt Light Bulb
    15-Watt Light Bulb
  • 15-Watt Light Bulb

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    15-watt double pole vacuum cleaner light bulb.

    Guaranteed to fit Cirrus Vacuum Cleaner models:
    CR69, CR68, CR78, CR88, CR89, CR99, CR69A, CR79

    Guaranteed to fit Cen-Tec Vacuum Cleaner models:

    Guaranteed to fit Filter Queen Vacuum Cleaner models:
    AN95X (Dark Gray) Majestic With Power Nozzle 96, AN95X (Dark Gray) Majestic With Power Nozzle 96 Ca

    Guaranteed to fit Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner models:
    MC-V7572, MC-V7582, MC-V5706, MC-V5710, MC-V5715, MC-V5716, MC-V5720, MC-V5725, MC-V5740, MC-V5744, MC-V5737, MC-V5745, MC-V5745-02, MC-V5734, MC-V9628, MC-V9644, MC-V9638, MC-V9626, MC-V9640, MC-V9634, MC-V5005, MC-V5005-00, MC-V5005-01, MC-V5005-02, MC-UG371, MC-UG383, MC-V5485, MC-V5485-01, MC-V5454, MC-V5454-02, MC-V5454-01, MC-V7312, MC-V7314, MC-V7314-01, MC-V9658, MC-CG973

    Guaranteed to fit Kenmore Vacuum Cleaner models:
    116.50912004, 116.20712007, 116.20813003, 116.22613203, 116.22812203, 116.22813203, 116.23312305, 116.23612300, 116.23913300, 116.24212400, 116.2441290, 116.24614400, 116.25512500, 116.25513506, 116.25614504, 116.25614506, 116.25615500, 116.25812503, 116.25813508, 116.25914507, 116.26212601, 116.26512690, 116.29612992, 116.31912103, 116.31913100, 116.32189203, 116.32728200, 116.3361190, 116.33612300, 116.33612301, 116.33913301, 116.35623400, 116.35726400, 116.38612790, 116.39429990, 116.39712991, 116.55512500, 116.56212601, 116.2045080, 116.2561290, 116.25914505, 116.57312790

    Guaranteed to fit Sharp Vacuum Cleaner models:
    EC-12SX3, EC-12SX6, EC-12TX3, EC-12TX3B, EC-12TX6, EC-12TX8, EC-12TX8B, EC-12TXC, EC-TU2603, EC-TU2608, EC-14TX6, EC-14TX6B, EC-14TX8, EC-TU4606, EC-12SXT4, EC-12SXTB, EC-12SXT4B, EC-12SXT5, EC-12TXT2, EC-12TXT4, EC-12TXT6, EC-14TXT6, EC-12TWT4, EC-12TXT7, EC-12TXT9, EC-14TXT7, EC-14TXT9, EC-12TWT7, EC-12TWT9, EC-TU2607, EC-TU2609, EC-14TWT7, EC-TU4607, EC-TU4609, EC-S2620, EC-T2630, EC-T2650, EC-T4765, EC-T4770, EC-TU2807, EC-TU2809, EC-TU4707, EC-TU4709, EC-TU4711S, EC-TU2111, EC-TU5111, EC-S5170, EC-T5180, EC-T5180A, EC-T5180BB

    Guaranteed to fit Sanyo Vacuum Cleaner models:
    U10MA, U122, U125, U126, U11MA, U123, A100, A102, A111, A113, B1210, B1220, B1230, A114, A115, 800P, X2100P

    Guaranteed to fit Hayden Vacuum Cleaner models:

    Guaranteed to fit NuTone Vacuum Cleaner models:

    Guaranteed to fit Carpet-Pro Vacuum Cleaner models:
    CPU1T, CPU2T

    Guaranteed to fit Royal / Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner models:

    Guaranteed to fit Eureka / Sanitaire Vacuum Cleaner models:
    S647B, 5071E, 1756A, 4351A, 4440A, 6865A, 4380AT, 4381AT, 4480AT, 4481AT, 5181AT, 5190AT, SC4570AT, SC4570BT, SC4580AT, SC4580BT, 4660AT, 4670AT, 4670AT-1, 4672ATV, 4674AT, 4675AT, 4640AV, 4641AVC, 4654AT, 4680AT, 4682AT-1, 4684AT-1, 4684B, 4685AT, 4686ATV, 4687AT, 4688ATV, 4689ATV, 4696AV

    Guaranteed to fit Hoover Vacuum Cleaner models:
    1170, 1176, 1178, U6003, U6003-001, U6007, U6039, U6039-030, U6041, U6049, 5300, 5308, 5308-01, 5471, 5477, 5479, 5480, 5488-01, 5498, S3639, S3649, S3661, S3765-040, S3755

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